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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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out. according to the arrest affidavit obtained by the "san francisco chronicle," ross mirkarimi apparently threatened his wife that he was a powerful man in this town and that she had better not talk about the kind of problems they have been having. but she did talk. she went to a neighbor after a confrontation on new year's eve and that neighbor videotaped a station where she tearfully explained what happened to her and she told that neighbor that her husband had hurt her before. quote, this happened yesterday. two times in 2011. and this is the second time that that is happening and that's a quote from the court documents of eliana lopez, mirkarimi's wife. now, according to the "chronicle" and these documents, a big argument happened new year's eve as the family was heading to lunch. she told him she wanted to go visit her family in venezuela but they she is says he yelled at her, blank you, blank you, you are trying to take theo away from here. theo is a reference to their 2- year-old son.
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now, that argument escalated. and she eventually locked him outside the house according to inspector danielle of the san francisco police department. at some point, ross mirkarimi grabbed the wife's arm and that's how the bruise happened. and, of course, a bruise on her arm is the key piece of evidence in the thing. the witness the neighbor that she ran to tearfully apparently videotaped those bruises. now, some witnesses outside the house heard some of the conversation and one of them quoted 2-year-old theo, quote, daddy made boo boo on mommy's arm. that's according to the affidavit. now, according to the "chronicle," this situation was supposed to take place in court and in fact, i spoke with the attorney bob wagner, that's mirkarimi's attorney. he says he is not happy about this information getting out because he has not yet received this document, this arrest affidavit. he says it was not even supposed to be released 23489
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arraignment. they are not even in court until thursday. so wagner says yes, there's a ved videotape and there are some text messages and he is aware of arguing that goes back to march of 2011 but he says that was simply arguing, no physical abuse. wagner told me he is doing have no choice, allen, but to ask for a gag order because he says, "we keep getting ambushed on this thing." >> he doesn't want to try it in the media obviously. >> and he doesn't like the surprise that came out of nowhere just an hour ago. the "chronicle" put up this story on the website. we are trying to get document ourselves, haven't been able to obtain it independently. >> joe vazquez, thank you. the captain of the cruiseship that capsized off the italian coast appeared in court to face charges of abandoning ship. shocking new audio recordings released today will likely become a cornerstone of the investigation into the deadly crash.
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[ non-english language ] >> reporter: an italian coast guard official swore in frustration at the captain of the stricken costa concordia after the ship crashed into rocks off the coast of italy friday night. the dramatic recording makes clear it captain schettino left his ship before all passengers were off and resisted going back. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: when asked how many passengers were still on board, schettino grossly underestimates the count and can't give a precise answer. >> reporter: at least 11 people died in the shipwreck. 23 others are still missing. rescue workers are now blowing holes in the side of the ship
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so divers can search its murky interior for survivors. >> we hope in this way we can reach all the places that haven't been inspected yet. >> reporter: but so far, rescue crews have only found more bodies. captain schettino is now under house arrest. he faces charges of causing a shipwreck, manslaughter and abandoning ship. >> complete dereliction of duty. it was his responsibility to stay aboard until that last surviving person was known to be off that vessel. >> in addition to the deaths, the wreck has given risen to environmental concerns. the ship was carrying 2300 tons of fuel. so far there is no evidence of a leak. 100 blocks. that's the area being targeted by the city of oakland in its effort to control ongoing street violence. christin ayers reports that the plan includes more than just increased police patrols out there, too. christin. reporter: that's correct. over the next 90 days, the city
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of oakland will be targeting the city's 100 most violent blocks with more police and more programs for youth among other things. but they will have to do it with fewer resources and with the prospect of big layoffs looming. reporter: a 3-year-old struck by a stray bullet on international boulevard. a 1-year-old shot in the liquor store parking lot in west oakland. a kindergartener caught in the crossfire when a gunman old fire near his parents' taco truck. all happened in the last 5 months in east and west oakland's most dangerous 100 blocks. >> these 100 blocks are where 92% of the murders have happened over the last five years. >> reporter: they represent just 5% of the city of oakland areas like east oakland's elmhurst district, the havens area near international and 66 and the housing projects near west oakland bart. police chief howard jordan says those areas will see changes in the next 90 days. >> up see increased appears patrol and visibility throughout the city. >> reporter: but that's not all.
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call it the kitchen sink approach. the city says community outreach groups will also zero in on those 100 blocks along with state and federal agencies, public works and parks and rec. >> we'll see everything from evaluating street lights, evaluating our community programs, evaluating our library hours. >> reporter: a tall order at a time when the city is preparing to pink slip 1500 employees. >> it's challenging. i have no idea what other cuts will happen but we will prioritize these 100 blocks. >> reporter: now, police say they tried a pilot project of this last summer it west oakland and it did result in a significant drop in crime. we asked them for the numbers to see how much of a significant drop. they couldn't give them to us. >> thank you, christin ayers in oakland. other bay area headlines, opening statements today in the civil discrimination trial against the richmond police department. eight black officers accused off to brass of racial discrimination and harassment. the 2007 lawsuit is against
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chief chris magnus, deputy chief laurie ritter, as well as the police department and the city of richmond. customs agents at sfo found these tiny skulls of animals known to carry foot and mouth disease. the agents found the mouse deer skulls in bags of dried fruit peels shipped from southeast asia. dried fruit peel is also banned from being imported into the united states. sfo officials destroyed the skulls as well as the fruit peels. a surprise resignation in silicon valley. the cofounder of yahoo jerry yang is leaving the company this just two weeks after the struggling company hired former paypal exec scott thompson as its ceo. better bundle up. the bay area is in for another big chill tonight. roberta is here with more on the freeze warning. hey, roberta. >> one more night of cold temperatures but not as cold as last night due to the increasing cloud cover. good evening, everybody. go ahead and take a look at this red highlighted area because that's where we have
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another freeze warning in effect. it encompasses the santa clara valley as well as the san joaquin valley. but we are going to concentrate on san jose, santa clara, also the almaden valley, alviso, alum rock, that's where temperatures will tumble into the low 30s subfreezing in san jose at 31 degrees. it will be 30 overnight in redwood city. we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s again but 40s the closer to the bay of water so while we have one more night of extremely cold conditions, say so long to the sunshine because once it least us tomorrow, it won't be back until next thursday. we have that pinpoint forecast still straight ahead. thank you. it's been more than 60 years since he singlehandedly saved lives. the wartime rescue behind a bay area medal of honor ceremony. and flames ripped through a bay area home. the affectionate nickname for this well known house in the neighborhood. i think it's terrible! >> why something people thought would last forever has
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become a golden disappointment.
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beached baby whale along the central coast after determining it cou veterinarians have euthanized a beached baby whale along the central coast after determining it could not be saved. the santa cruz sentinel reports the mammal washed ashore yesterday at salinas river state beach. less than a week old, the gray whale weighed over 1700 pounds. it's believed the whale was separated from its pod during migration. tonight a 14-year-old boy oakland police say sexually assaulted two women is in custody. police say that the boy turned himself in to alameda county juvenile hall this morning. they say that both attacks happened within a half mile of each other. in a rare move, investigators released that boy's name because they considered him armed and dangerous. >> we strongly believe that if we did not put this information out in the interests of public
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safety, he would not have turned himself in. >> and because he is in custody, we're no longer identifying the boy because of his age. police have not determined whether the suspect actually used a gun in the attacks. fire destroyed a well-known east bay home this morning affectionately called the christmas house. it happened just before 4:00 on walnut street near tacoma avenue. the family says a smoke alarm woke them up. they escaped but by the time firefighters arrived, the roof had already collapsed. and they say because of the cold temperatures, their water kept freezing. the house is a total loss. >> sit here and watch it all burn to the ground like that it's just devastating. it's really taken a toll on me. we don't know what we're going to do because we lost everything. [ crying ] >> there were no serious injuries. neighbors called the home the christmas house for its light 'tis plays every holiday
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season. the -- displays every holiday season. a wood pellet stove may be to blame. they made an investment and watched it crumble. why something golden they thought would last forever is now reduced to rubble. nfc championship tickets didn't cost a penny. how a lucky 9ers fan scored seats at candlestick with a simple tweet. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. we certainly have another big chill in the air tonight followed by rain. it is heading this way. we'll pinpoint when to expect it and how long it's going to last coming up.
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unknown despite helping save an entire ship of sailors during story of a local man who is unknown despite helping save an entire ship of sailors during the world war 2. carl clark finally got the recognition he deserves after 60 years of being overlooked. john ramos with his story and how racist policies kept that bravery unnoticed. >> reporter: the world has never heard of carl clark until today. [ applause and cheers ] >> clark, clark! >> reporter: on may 3, 1945, clark was a young sailor fighting in the world war ii battle of okinawa.
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his ship the uss aaron ward was attacked by kamikaze planes nearly sinking it. clark picked up a fire hose normally operated by four people and protected the ammunition locker, saving the ship. and then despite having a broken shoulder, he carried six of his shipmates to safety. but the navy refused to acknowledge any of this because clark was black. >> racism robbed carl of recognition after white officers even complained about attending his purple heart ceremony, carl just moved on. >> my name is carl clark. >> reporter: 66 years later clark's story was unveiled when he participated in a veterans remembrance documentary produced by foothill college. the injustice was finally acknowledged and today, navy secretary ray mavis presented clark with a commendation medal for valor. >> simply put, carl clark was and is a hero. [ applause ]
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>> i want to share this honor and this medal with all of those men that were playing their part and got very little recognition for what they did. [ applause ] >> is the thank you still nice even when it's late in coming? >> better late than never. and he is still going strong. we're just happy it finally came to pass. >> reporter: carl clark is 95 and like most real heroes he says he isn't one, he just did what needed to be done. and today, so did his country. at moffett field, john ramos, cbs 5. >> and much more on carl clark's heroism and the honor today on the cbs evening news after this newscast. how long is forever?
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try 25 years. patrick sedillo reports that bridge lovers who paid for a break on the commemorative walkway are now seeing their memories turned to dust. >> i think it's terrible! > >> reporter: sammy birch just got the bad news. she thought these bricks would be here forever. so did the more than 7,000 people who bought bricks to commemorate the golden gate bridge's 50th anniversary in 1987. it turns out the walkway isn't compliant with federal disability laws. >> and we have to regrade the area so all of the visitors can experience the bridge. right now wheelchair users can't use the walkway and we looked at pulling the bricks out and trying to do them in smaller bunches if you will. but it would take forever. >> reporter: the bridge district owns the property and says the improvements have to be made. >> we recognize that there is an emotional connection to the bricks for some people. >> they expected that to be there forever.
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and now all of a sudden they're going to be doing what they call improvements and it's going to be taken out and there was never any public hearing. >> reporter: after the demolition of the bricking the conservancy says they will make a commemorative outdoor panel with all 7500 names listed. for some people, that's just not enough. sammy says there are other options besides sledge hammers and new panels. >> these people paid $75 for a brick and a lot of them did it in memory of a loved one and now they are tearing them all up and i -- i see no reason why the people can't have their own personal brick back. i mean, because what are they going to do with it? they're just going to destroy it. >> reporter: on the golden gate bridge, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. for lucky 49er fans who won a ticket to the game against the giants this weekend, all you had to do was come up with a witty tweet. yesterday 49ers president jed
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york used twitter to say he would give away four tickets and field passes to the fan who came up with the best reason why they should go to the game. sorry but the deadline for the entries was about 20 minutes ago. and no tweet back yet with the name of the winner. you want information on ticket sales for the nfc championship game and to see photo galleries from the win, over the new orleans saints, what a game, log on to, click on sports. roberta, last night we turned up the heat, put an extra blanket on the bed. tonight we have to did it again? >> i'm still thinking about jed york. i follow him on twitter and when i saw him post that i said oh, my he had 6,000 followers at that point, all of a sudden he doubled them. i haven't even checked it today but i'm sure it's like four times as much, right? that lucky person is going to enjoy the game and also, you know, what i keep telling everybody about the game and the weather conditions is, prepare for rain on sunday and just hope for the best.
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we're. -- we're entering an unsettled weather pattern for the next week. this morning, teens. in pleasanton 22. 24 livermore. record overnight low in san jose at 29 degrees. we also had records in oakland in the low 30s. currently 48 there. san francisco same story. tonight, yes, the second night with a freeze warning this effect but primarily, we are concentrating on the santa clara valley. again, temperatures 20s and low 30s. protect your plants, pets and pipes. numbers down to 31 degrees, freezing in san jose and santa clara and sunnyvale. 27 degrees in morgan hill and in gilroy. otherwise, below freezing tri- valley. 30 to the north, not as frigid tonight due to the fact that we'll start to see some increasing cloud cover. we'll refer to it as partly cloudy overnight. rain develops far reaches north bay during the late afternoon hours. and then everybody is wet on
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thursday and friday as winter returns right here to the san francisco bay area. we have a very active weather pattern and the big difference is, the zonal flow of the jet stream. it's now going to guide storms along a particular path and nail it right into the bay area. this next one on tap is right here and as far as projections are concerned, we are anticipating between thursday and friday up to 2" of rain in the highest elevations of the northern portion of the bay area. here you are at 11:00 tomorrow night. most of wednesday is dry and cloudy. and then the rain gradually sags to the south. we'll begin to tally totals like this. santa rosa over the next 24 hours over an inch, san jose less than a tenth. temperatures tomorrow a little bit more mild. 50s and low 60s. the extended forecast, we have rain through friday. then another system on saturday. it will continue through sunday. it is a wetter system two to four inches of rain expected over the weekend with the
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wettest locations in the santa cruz mountains. right now computer models do illustrate that the rain should begin to taper off by the evening hours. so going to the game preparing for rain and hope it tapers off during the game. >> hopefully. >> bring that slicker. >> yeah. and a great big voice to cheer. >> yeah. >> good attitude. fighting a disease millions of families have to struggle w the government's ambitious plan to fight alzheimer's.
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today the government is moving millions of families struggle with the devastation of alzheimer's disease. >> today the government is moving forward with an ambitious new plan to treat and prevent the disease. dr. kim to explain. >> reporter: president obama signed napa, the national alzheimer's project act into law a year ago and his committee of experts is now under deadline to finalize a strategy. the hope is to overcome the rapidly escalating crisis of
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alzheimer's. reporter: russell patterson knows all about the devastation of alzheimer's. his mother edith has struggled with it f seven years. >> it's like cancer, we need to find out more about it. i think it's a great move. >> reporter: the obama administration is developing the first national alzheimer's plan in hopes of developing effective ways to treat and prevent the disease by 2025. the alzheimer's association believes the goal is realistic if the commitment and fund having really there. >> we're going to see in the coming months whether this is a plan that will remain just an aspiration or whether it's a battle plan that's backed by the resources that are needed to really end this disease. >> reporter: experts are gathered in d.c. to hammer out a game plan. over 5 million americans suffer from alzheimer's which slowly destroys memories, thinking and behavior. >> someone taking the initiative is a good thing for me. >> reporter: the national plan is also designed to provide better support for caregivers. >> so vital to keep us hopeful.
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>> reporter: she is with a health center in novato where 90% of participants have dementia. she says the community-based adult services program helps make it possible for families to keep loved ones at home. >> essentially it keeps folks from premature placement into a skilled nursing facility. >> she always comes home were a smile on his face. >> reporter: he brings his mother here 5 days a week. he is able to work knowing she is in good hands. >> it's a very good place. i mean, without this place, i wouldn't know what to do. it's a blessing. >> reporter: without better treatment, doctors expect alzheimer's to grow dramatically as the population ages, possibly affecting 16 million americans by the middle of the century. the government is hoping it can stop that trend before it happens. a final strategic plan is expected by the spring. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ crickets chirping ]
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" nats" we've been staring at the i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. we have been staring at the outside for months now. but we have an exclusive look inside the bay area's newest tunnel, the annoying roadblock that will be removed finally. and winter in yosemite like you have never seen it before. why it will only last a few more min.


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